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Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt is a social hidden role game for 7-22 players, built on the foundation of games such as Mafia and Werewolf. Players will take on the role of townsfolk or witches and try to deduce the roles of the others before their team is dead. Death is not the end however with dead players still making decisions and acting in the game to help the survivors.


WitchHunt is the hidden role game perfected.

WitchHunt has been developed regularly for the last 8 years, starting from the foundation of traditional games like Mafia and Werewolf. It is a social game designed for large groups of 7 to 22 players, and is fast-paced--usually taking a bit less than 4 minutes per player.

WitchHunt is unique in that not only do all players get a simple unique role, but dead players still make important decisions and play an active role in the game. This means WitchHunt has the classic paranoia of a gradually shrinking group of players, but without the obnoxious player elimination!

7-22 Players, Ages 13+, 30-90 minutes

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Witch Hunt